Home Care

  • AccuSharp Scissor Sharpener
  • Our price: $11.99
  • Air Pot Brush Non-Scratching
  • Our price: $6.99
  • Architec Recipe Rock - Recipe Holder
  • List price: $10.99
    save 9%
  • Our price: $9.95
  • Bees Wax Lubricating Compound
  • Our price: $3.99
  • Brabantia Bin Liners 20L
  • Our price: $5.49
  • Brabantia Bin Liners 50L
  • Our price: $5.99
  • Brabantia Bin Liners 5L
  • Our price: $3.99
  • Brasso Metal Polish
  • Our price: $4.99
  • Cape Cod Doormat 22" x 40" Deck Size
  • List price: $69.95
    save 6%
  • Our price: $65.97

Home Care

Sometimes getting things done around the home can be difficult, because you just can't find the right product or maybe you're looking for a product that will do a better job. That's where we come in. At Hard to Find Items we stock a variety of difficult to find products from Bona Hardwood Floor Products, Brabantia, Miele, gas light mantles, Cape Cod Doormats, Gel Pro Gel Mats, Music of the Spheres Windchimes, etc. All of these items combine high quality with high function, to help you get the job done right!

Our product selection is a result of our parent company, Rollier Hardware. We are a family run business that is in it's fifth generation. Over the years many independent retailers have gone out of business as large big box stores moved in. At Rollier Hardware we have found that the shift in the retail landscape has made it more difficult for our customers to find certain items anywhere around Pittsburgh. As a result, we decided to bring our most unique items to the internet. Hence the name Hard to Find Items.

We've just got started, so we are constantly adding items. If you don't see something that you are interested in there is a good chance we stock it in our retail store, so just give us a call.

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