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Looking to save on your heating bill with a infrared heater, but not sure which one to buy? Consider the iHeater. The iHeater uses quartz coated titanium metal tubes, instead of the traditional glass tubes. These quartz coated titanium metal tubes have a life expectancy of 60,000 hours or 5 years.

Part of what makes infrared heaters better than other portable space heaters is they are not hot to the touch and don't dry out the air.  In fact, infrared heaters, such as the iHeater, heat your home by distributing the heat they produce through the moisture in your home.  This not only allows infrared heaters to heat your home without drying out the air, but it also helps distribute the heat evenly throughout your rooms.  Traditional space heaters are hot to the touch, dry out the air and don't evenly heat a room.

Why buy an infrared heater?
- Not hot to the touch
- Doesn't dry out the air
- Heats rooms evenly
- Cut the cost of your heating bill

Why buy an iHeater over another infrared heater?
- Features a unique quartz coated titanium metal heating element that is rated for a longer life than traditional glass tubes used in most infrared heaters
- Heats up to 1,500 sq feet (some competitor models only heat 1,000 sq ft)
- Priced better than most of its competition

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