Neverkink Commercial Duty 3/4" x 75' Hose

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Neverkink Commercial Duty 3/4" x 75' Hose
  • Commercial duty hose
  • Kink resistant while remaining flexible
  • 3/4" diameter and 75 ft long
  • Coated to protect against mold and mildew
  • Fits a standard hose faucet

Apex Neverkink Series 4000 garden hose is kink resistant, while still maintaining a soft flexible body of hose. This makes using this hose so much better than your traditional heavy duty hose.  They either don't kink but are very inflexible or the low grade type which is flexible, but kinks easily. Get the best of both worlds when you buy a Neverkink! This 3/4" diameter hose is wider than your standard 5/8" hoses. The result: Greater water flow!

Apex Neverkink Commercial Grade Details
- 3/4" Diameter and 75 ft. long
- Extremely weather flexible down to 45 Degrees Fahrenheit  
- MicroShield antimicrobial coating that guards against mold & mildew
- Apex uses industrial heavy duty couplings for a tight secure fit at the faucet  
- Power Coil collar and couplings eliminate kinking at faucet  
- Standard hose thread fittings