Pantry Moth Traps

Pantry Moth Traps

Pantry Moth Traps 31

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Product Features

  • Safe, nontoxic and long lasting
  • Ready-to-use traps
  • Use for moths which contaminate food products
  • includes 2 traps and 2 lures

Safer's pantry moth traps are a safe, nontoxic, and long lasting solution for moths that contaminate food products.  Place traps within 10 feet of the infested food source, and replace after 3 months or when full.

-  Traps are ready-to-use with wood-grain appearance
-  Traps lure grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths
-  Includes 2 traps and 2 pheromone lures

For more information on how to eliminate moth infestations, or on how to prevent moths, visit our blog entry on moth control.
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Donna Callanen
August 9, 2011
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great traps. Clean, pleasant packaging with easy to understand directions and easy disposal. There's no odor to them and they are not unsightly. This shop is the best to buy from as well, courteous with super fast shipping. Highly recommend.

Advantages: They work! Easily moved, no odor and easily disposed of.

Disadvantages: I guess the only disadvantage would be the size, but if they would be bigger - they then would be unsightly and be harder to put in small, unobtrusive places.
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Sue McGrory
August 12, 2011
If you get kitchen moths (wood cabinets or shelves seem especially susceptable) these things are GREAT! I have used them for many years with excellent success. The first moth I see (usually comes from the grocery store) I put a few of these around and they're gone in no time. It's amazing how many moths I'll find stuck to the insides!

Advantages: No odor. No mess. Super easy to use and last a while.

Disadvantages: Sometimes hard to find for a reasonable price.
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Linda Stanard
November 17, 2011
Delivery was fast, and the product is working well.

Advantages: Inexpensive, simple to set up, does as advertised

Disadvantages: none
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trisha gaddis
August 12, 2011
These traps did absolutely nothing. I didnt catch 1 single moth. Absolute waste of money.

Advantages: none
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Harris Stafford
November 10, 2012
Was glad to find them. Lowes quit carrying them.

Disadvantages: Can't just pick up when in store.
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Pantry Moth Traps

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