Rescue Stink Bug Trap Replacement Lure

Rescue Stink Bug Trap Replacement Lure

Rescue Stink Bug Trap Replacement Lure 3

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Product Features

  • Replacement Stink Bug Attractant (contains 2 AttracStik)
  • Both attractant sticks must be used together
  • Provides a 7-week supply of attractant
  • Pheromone attracts multiple species of stink bugs
  • Attractant is odor free to humans
  • No killing agents - insects dehydrate in trap

Replacement stink bug attractant for Rescue's Outdoor Stink Bug Trap.  Includes 2 AttracStik lures, used together to attract multiple species of stink bugs.  Also includes replacement collar.  Attractant will last approximately 7-weeks.

Attracts adult stink bugs before they enter the home and younger stink bugs who damage gardens and fruit trees.  Lures stink bugs into the trap.  Contains no killing agent.  Insects dehydrate in trap.  Odor free to humans. 

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Kristine Overand
August 14, 2011
The first week I didn't see much action, but into the 2nd week they were attracting. Since they were still so active I was able to extend the time a week or so before replacing the attractant. Even then I left at least one of the two week displaced amongst the 7week supply. So far so good.
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Joseph V. Barravecchio
May 24, 2013
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John R Kallis
October 19, 2011
Great service and fast delivery--I would purchase again from this company !!

Advantages: Nice selection of items.
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Rescue Stink Bug Trap Replacement Lure

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