Soil Moist Granules 1

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Soil Moist Granules 1
  • Soil Moist Granules absorb extra water to allow plants to go longer between waterings.
  • 1lb Bag
  • Ideal for outdoor container plantings
  • Also available in a 3oz bag for smaller applications

Soil Moist granules absorb water, then release the water when surrounding soil becomes dry allowing plants to go longer between watering.  Soil Moist is ideal for outdoor container plantings.

Soil moist also provides the following additional benefits to plants
-  Encourages deep root growth and penetration
-  Reduces soil compaction, and minimizes transplant shock
-  Soil Moist granules will lasts several seasons

You are looking at a 1lb bag of soil moist.  We also sell a 3oz bag for smaller applications!