2.5 Volt ES Mini Replacement Bulbs for HD Light Sets, Clear, 100 mA

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2.5 Volt ES Mini Replacement Bulbs for HD Light Sets, Clear, 100 mA

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Currently we are sold out of this item for 2019 holiday season.  Please visit our sister website, 612 VERMONT, to purchase our 100 mA bulbs in value packs of 50 bulbs: VIEW THIS ITEM HERE.

  • 2.5 volt mini replacement bulbs
  • For use in HD light sets
  • Pack of 20 clear bulbs
  • 100 mA replacement bulbs (0.25 watts)

Please check the tag on your light set to confirm specifications

2.5 volt 'energy saver' mini replacement bulbs for most HD light sets.  These are for HD light sets that typically have 150 lights or more.  Because of there lower mA rating, they are meant for light sets that have bulbs of a lower wattage (0.25 watts each).  Package includes 20 CLEAR replacement bulbs.  These bulbs do NOT have a pinch in their base and come inside a white husk/base.  You will need to remove the bulbs from the husk to use in your light set, since most bases are not a standard shape/size.  The bulbs will work beautifully provided what you need is a 100 mA or 0.25 watt bulb!
If you are looking for a better value and need lots of bulbs, please consider our value pack of 500 clear (100mA) bulbs, seen here.
Bulb Specifications:
2.5 volt, 100 mA, 0.25 watt
Bulb Dimensions
Length of glass - 15/16"
Length of wires - 3/8"
Diameter of glass - 5 mm
How do I make sure these are the right bulbs for my light set?
When finding replacement lamps for heavy duty light sets, the task because even more difficult.  These replacement bulbs are rated for 100mA, so they are only meant for use in heavy duty light sets.  To be sure that these are the correct lamps for your particular light set, we recommend that you look for the specifics on the white tag near the plug of the lights.  This tag should mention what mA or wattage is recommended for that particular string of lights or for the individual lamps themselves.  If you have any questions, please give us a call: 1-877-750-0971.
Please note: These bulbs now come with green husks/bases, however the likelihood that these are the correct shape for your light set is low.  In order to use these replacement bulbs, we recommend that you separate them from the green husks and slide them into your existing light set.  This way you will be guaranteed a secure fit!  Last year, these bulbs were sold with a white husk, but this year that are available only with a green husk.  They are interchangeable however.  The specifications on the bulbs are identical.