2.5 Volt MULTI Mini Replacement Bulbs GKI Bethlehem

2.5 Volt MULTI Mini Replacement Bulbs GKI Bethlehem

2.5 Volt MULTI Mini Replacement Bulbs GKI Bethlehem 5

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Product Features

  • 2.5V replacement lamps for GKI Bethlehem light sets.
  • 20 Multi bulbs (yellow, amber, red, blue, green)
  • Includes husks/bases

No longer available - please view our listing for 2.5 volt, 200 mA mini replacement bulbs, seen here.  These are the same bulb specifications and same bases as these GKI Bethlehem brand bulbs have been!

These replacement bulbs are no longer available from GKI Bethlehem with the blue header card.  Instead, we would recommend our new replacement packs that are the same bulb shape and specifications, seen here.
2.5 volt super bright mini replacement lamps for multi colored light sets.  Made specifically for GKI Bethlehem light sets, but may be used in any other light set that needs super bright 2.5 volt bulbs that match the specifications provided below.  Pack includes 20 multi lamps.  Bulbs come with GKI Bethlehem bases.  These bulbs are traditional mini replacement bulbs but are pinched at the bottom end of the lamp to allow for a snug fit inside GKI Bethlehem's unique bases.  The pinched base allows for a good fit in almost any other light set, but the husk would need to be removed.  Multi assortment includes 4 of each of the following: Yellow, Amber, Blue, Green and Red.
These are what is considered a super bright replacement bulb, since each bulb is rated at 200 mA (or 0.5 watts).  If these bulbs are used in a standard 2.5 volt light set, the bulbs will not glow bright as their names suggests, instead they will glow dim.  In sure that you are getting the correct replacement bulbs, but sure to look for the mA rating or the recommended watts for each bulb for your particular light set.  These figures are provided on a white tag near the plug of every light set.
Bulb Specifications
2.5 volt, 200 mA, 0.5 watt
Bulb Dimensions
Length of glass - 15/16"
Length of wires - 3/8"
Diameter of glass - 5 mm
How do I make sure that I need Super Bright replacements?
These are Super Bright replacement bulbs, which is a loosely used term when it comes to light sets and replacement bulbs.  The most important thing to note here, is that Super Bright means that these bulbs require higher amperes to create the brighter light.  Please be sure to look at the white tag close to the male plug of the light set you are trying to fix.  This tag should mention the words "super bright" or 200mA (.2A) for the replacement bulbs.  Sometimes it may even mention the wattage, which for Super Bright 2.5 volt bulbs would be 0.5 watts.  Please give us a call if you have any questions: 1-877-750-0971!
Please note: Because of the many varieties of bases/sockets on mini lights, you may need to remove these bulbs from their bases so that you can reuse the base/husk from your burnt out bulbs.  It is important to hold on to your old bases, so that these new bulbs can be assured a good fit. In order to replace bulb, bend wires straight, pull bulb out from base, and then slip the new bulb in place.
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December 13, 2012
Bethlehem bulbs to use as a replacements for burned out bulbs are hard to find. They have a special "pinched' indention on the wire end which means most common replacement bulbs will not fit in Bethlehem bulb holders. My Bethlehem sets do not accept the GKI style bulb holders, so I simply remove the GKI bulb holders and put the bulbs in my Bethlehem bulb holders. The key here is that I can get Bethlehem bulbs with the pinched ends to use in my sets.

Advantages: The bulbs fit all Bethlehem bulb holders! Very quick delivery

Disadvantages: None
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January 11, 2015
Item is exactly as advertised and shipping was fast. Key here is to pay attention to the electrical characteristics of the bulb. Most of my 50, 100, 150 light sets use 170 mA bulbs and 300 light sets use 100 mA bulbs. These 200 mA bulbs are not suitable substitutes. Really appreciate the vendor being so exact with the specifications.

Advantages: If you pay attention to your exact needs, you will get the right bulbs.

Disadvantages: None.
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Patricia Reardon
January 6, 2015
I'm disappointed because the bulbs do not fit my tree sockets. They are thinner than what I need and are not pinched at the based as was advertized. I thought I was getting the right ones based on the specifications given.
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Douglas Brown
December 21, 2014
I searched for this type of bulb for several years. This purchase allowed me to rebuild a lawn Christmas decoration that was near the scrap heap.

Disadvantages: Do you carry any "CLEAR" bulbs of this type? All I can find are the usual bulbs that are not "flattened" on the wire end.
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Mel Walters
February 15, 2013
Hard to find low voltage Christmas bulbs. Had a string in a garland I did not want to have to replace. Buying enough of them at retail prices was not an option.

Advantages: Great vendor, great prices and fast delivery.

Disadvantages: Nothing
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