Cedar Hanger Moth Cake

Cedar Hanger Moth Cake

Cedar Hanger Moth Cake 4

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Product Features

  • Just hang in your closet or with your garment bag(s) to stop moths and protect clothing.
  • Hang on closet rod or sit on the shelf
  • Vapor producing cake
Kills clothes moths and carpet beetles and their eggs and larvae. When used in air-tight containers, this moth cake can treat up to 18.8 cu ft.  Each cake lasts about 6 months.  Replenish as needed.
Cedar hanger moth cake is perfect for all closets and garment bags. 1 - 6 oz hanger with (2) 3 oz. cakes inside.
  • Use in closets and garment bags
  • Can hang on closet rod or sit on shelf
  • Utilizes Reefer Galler's highly effective vapor producing cake
Coverage: Treats up to 18.8 cu ft.
Active Ingredient:  Paradichlorobenzene - 99.68%
For more information on how to eliminate moth infestations, or on how to prevent moths, visit our blog entry on moth control.
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Victoria F.
August 21, 2014
I love the scent of this moth cake! You can moth cakes lots of places, but this scent sets this one apart. They're effective without stinking up your clothes. Wonderful! Great service too. Thanks!

Advantages: Effective without a nasty smell.

Disadvantages: Haven't found any yet!
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Nancy F
January 7, 2013
I was hoping the smell of these moth cakes would be more like cedar -- instead, it's more like regular moth cakes and I had to remove them from the guest room closet because they bothered visitors.
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planaria price
December 29, 2012
been using it for years and now so hard to find

Advantages: hangs so easily in closets between clothes

Disadvantages: no refill cakes.....have to throw the whole plastic "hanger" away...
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dorothy parker
February 14, 2012
Wonderful product that could not be found anywhere locally or online except this wonderful place! Great product and great service!
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Cedar Hanger Moth Cake

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