Deer Stopper

Deer Stopper

Deer Stopper has been approved by the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) to be listed as an organic deer repellent solution. It can be applied to flowers, shrubs, fruit trees (to prevent rubbing) and fruits and vegetables. Simply spray down plants every 30 days. Deer Stopper is tested to be rain-proof 20 minutes after application (drying time). Weather conditions, such as excessive rainfall will not reduce effectiveness or increase the application interval.

Deer Stopper uses a combination of peppermint oil, egg solids and garlic to repel deer. Most deer repellents that utilize egg solids and garlic have a strong, unpleasant odor to humans. Because Deer Stopper uses peppermint oil in addition to egg solids and garlic, it leaves a pleasant smelling repellent to humans, but undesirable to deer!

FYI: For those of you that have used Deer Solution in the past, but can't find it. You are in luck! Messina Wildlife, the makers of Deer Stopper, have acquired Deer Solution. Deer Solution is similar to Deer Stopper, in that it is a pleasant smelling deer repellent except that it uses peppermint oil, Deer Solution uses Cinnamon oil. If your interested in Deer Solution we stock a variety of ready to use and concentrate selections.

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