Digital Plus Moisture Meter 1827

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Digital Plus Moisture Meter 1827

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  • Test the moisture at the roots of your plants
  • Prevents under and over watering
  • Includes built-in instructions for watering your specific plant, simply pick your plant
  • Easy to read digital display

This digital plus meter allows you to easily test the moisture present at the roots of your plants which helps to prevent over and under watering. Includes a built-in watering guide, which allows you to choose your type of plant and makes it easy to determine if your plant needs added moisture. Store your plants in a list of favorites to make it easy for reference in the future. Designed to work for moisture readings for lawns, flowers, shrubs, and houseplants. Remember, soil may look and feel dry on the surface; however, there may actually be no need to water where it counts. Moisture meter provides an instant and accurate readout of your soils moisture level. Digital display.