E-cloth Bathroom Cleaning Cloths

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E-cloth Bathroom Cleaning Cloths
  • Chemical free cleaning cloths for the bathroom
  • 1 thick cloth for heavily soiled areas
  • 1 thin cloth for glass and polishing
  • Washable
  • Instructions below
E-cloths are made from millions of tiny fibers, or cleaning edges that enables it to pick up dirt, fingerprints, grease, bacteria, etc without the use of chemicals! E-cloths save money, time and the environment. 
To reduce the build-up of limescale and water marks, use E-cloth's bathroom pack after every shower.
How to use:
Use the large sponge cloth (thick) to remove heavier dirt from all bathroom surfaces.  For dusting use dry.  For cleaning dirt, water marks, etc, wet and ring out.  Then wipe the damp cloth over the desired surfaces to be cleaned.
Use the glass & polishing cloth (thin) for cleaning light grease and dirt from windows, mirrors, chrome and tiles.  Mist areas to be cleaned with water and wipe over with the dry cloth.
Washing Instructions:
A simply warm water rinse is fine for day-to-day cleaning of the cloth.  In order to maintain effectiveness of the E-cloth, they must be washed regularly in hot water and just a little bit of mild detergent. Guaranteed for 300 washings.