E-cloth Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth

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E-cloth Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth
  • Chemical free cleaning cloth for personal electronics
  • Removes fingerprints, grime, smudges, bacteria, dust, etc
  • Hand or machine washable
  • Includes 1 cloth
E-cloths are made from millions of tiny fibers, or cleaning edges that enables it to pick up dirt, fingerprints, grease, etc without the use of chemicals!  E-cloths are also able to remove bacteria, which can be a concern with many portable electronic devices that can not be washed.
How to use:
1.) Wipe over the entire surface with a dry electronics E-cloth
2.) For tougher grime, wet the corner of an E-cloth and wipe over the surface.  Then wipe back over the area with the dry portion of the cloth.
Washing Instructions:
A simply warm water rinse is fine for day-to-day cleaning of the cloth.  In order to maintain effectiveness of the E-cloth, they must be washed regularly in hot water and just a little bit of mild detergent. Guaranteed for 300 washings.