Enoz Moth Ice Crystals

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Enoz Moth Ice Crystals
  • Use in closets, dresser drawers and garment bags
  • Kills clothes moths, eggs, larvae, and carpet beetles
  • No "mothball" clinging odor
  • 16 oz resealable bag
Kills clothes moths and carpet beetles and their eggs and larvae in clean airtight containers.  Liberally sprinkle in the folds of storage materials and store inside air-tight containers, such as chests, trunks, garment bags, or any other polyethylene or polypropylene containers.  Use 1 oz of Enoz Moth Ice Crystals per 3.1 cubic feet of confined space.  One loosely packed 8 fl oz measuring cup full of crystals can treat about 20 cubic feet of space.  Best to replenish nuggets 2 times a year or when the product has dissipated. 
  • Use in closets, dresser drawers, and garment bags
  • Kills clothes moths, eggs and larvae
  • Has no clinging "mothball" odor (simply let fabrics air out after storage)
  • 16 oz resealable bag
Coverage: Treats up to 50 cu ft. (1 oz for every 3.1 cu ft of confined space)
Active Ingredient:  Paradichlorobenzene - 99.90%