Flat Twine Stretch Wrap

  • Flat Twine Shrink Wrap 2" Wide
  • Our price: $11.99
  • Flat Twine Shrink Wrap 5" Wide
  • Our price: $15.99

Flat Twine Stretch Wrap

Flat Twine's shrink wrap provides a quick and highly effective way to wrap/bundle item together. Businesses use Flat Twine's stretch wrap to secure pallets of goods and bundle stakes, light bulbs, etc. Although businesses are the main users of stretch wrap, Flat Twine is great for homeowners, wood working, construction crews, etc. Many of the items you would traditionally bundle together with string or rope can be tied together tighter and quicker with stretch wrap.

Flat Twine works great for bundling wood, garden stakes, any long thin object, etc. Once you start using Flat Twine you will realize how many different tasks you can use it for! For more information and ideas, visit our blog entry Flat Twin Shrink Wrap.

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