Flexi-Felt Floor Protector Pads, 1" x 36" (1 roll)

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Flexi-Felt Floor Protector Pads, 1" x 36" (1 roll)

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  • Heavy duty felt pads with self-sticking backs
  • Pads are made of a custom wool blend that is highly durable
  • Outlasts cheap polyester pads up to 15 times!
  • Softer, natural, and more durable
  • Felt tips allow furniture to slide smoothly over hard surfaces
  • Includes 1 felt pad roll
  • 1" x 36" (2.5cm x 91cm)

D5005B Flexi-Felt Pads 1" x 36" Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Roll

Meant for rocking chairs or other applications where longer pads are needed.

The Flexi-Felt adhesive Pad is a durable blended wool pad that is backed with an industrial strength adhesive.

For heavy duty applications: Once in place, heat activate the Flexi-Felt adhesive with a hot iron set on polyester. Apply pressure for 30 to 60 seconds. Let the pad cool and bond overnight.

No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem