Gutter Brush Gutter Guard 5" 120' Pack from GutterBrush

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Gutter Brush Gutter Guard 5" 120' Pack from GutterBrush
  • Eliminates clogged gutters
  • Easy to install
  • 1 year satisfaction guarantee
  • 25 year manufacturer guarantee to be free of material and workmanship defects
  • Set of 120' of 5" GutterBrush (includes 38 - 3' and 4 - 1.5' pieces)
  • Measures 4.25" in diameter fit 5" casement style and half round gutters
  • Beware of imitation products of inferior quality
The GutterBrush Gutter Guard system provides customers with a simple, effective and affordable solution to prevent their gutters from clogging from leaves and other debris. Installation is as simple as sliding the gutter brush into your gutter.

NOTE: Beware of imitators. Insist on the original GutterBrush quality and performance. We sell only the original GutterBrush product. Knock off brands are available online, but are not made to last like GutterBrush.

Made out of a stiff polypropylene bristle. Set includes 38 pieces of 36" GutterBrush and 4 pieces of 18" GutterBrush. Measures 4.25" in diameter to fit 5" Gutters.

How do I know what size GutterBrush I need for my Gutters?
5" GutterBrush measures 4.25" in diameter to fit 5" casement style and half round gutters. 5" casement style gutters measure 5" across the top and 3.5" tall. 5" half round gutters measure 5" across the top.
GutterBrush comes in either 4.25" to fit standard 5" gutters (measurement taken at the top of the gutter) and 5.25" for over-sized 6" gutters. We carry both sizes and sell both sizes by the piece and in a case pack at a discounted price!
What happens to the debris that collects on the top of the GutterBrush
Small amounts of debris may get caught on the top of the brush, but most will blow away/off the top of the brush. The small debris that does get hung up in the gutter brush will slowly break down over time from natural causes (rain, wind, sun, etc.).
What is GutterBrush made of?
GutterBrush's bristles are constructed from a sturdy polypropylene that has been treated twice with a UV protectant. The bristles are held together at the center of the brush with two pieces of twisted galvanized steel.
What type of Gutters can GutterBrush be used with?
GutterBrush can be used with any type of gutter including copper, PVC, aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel.
Is GutterBrush affected by ice dams? 
Finally, GutterBrush will not be affected by ice dams. Ice dams are a result of improper insulation of a warm roof. This causes snow to melt and run down to near the gutter where it freezes again and builds up as a block of ice. GutterBrush will not break down or have any effect on this process. Although, when the sun comes out and starts to melt the ice the black GutterBrush bristles will absorb heat and have been reported to promote rapid melting of ice build up.
What if I try GutterBrush and it doesn't work out for me? Does it come with a warranty?
GutterBrush has a one year satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us and we will provide you with a full refund of the purchase price of the product.  GutterBrush also comes with a 25 year manufacturer guarantee that the product will be free of material and workmanship defects.

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  • 5
    Loved Gutter Brush. Hard to find items were fast and a good company to order from.

    Posted by Adele Cooper on Jun 5th 2018

  • 5
    Gutterbrush was easy to install. I installed 120 feet of it on my barn. The gutters on my barn are subject to a lot of leaves in the fall from my neighbors trees. So far, they have kept the leaves out as I hopped it would.

    Posted by Edward Mader on Nov 26th 2012

  • 5
    So far so good. The gutter brushes were installed last summer. They have gone through 1 fall and 1 spring untouched and my gutters are still flowing. This is a house in the mountains with a variety of +100 foot trees.

    Posted by Bob V on Oct 12th 2012

  • 5
    Installation is very easy and they're extremely effective in preventing any leaves or debris from getting into gutters and impeding the flow of water.

    Posted by Erich Lehr on Sep 13th 2012

  • 5
    Wasn't as easy to install as thought. When we would push the next one in the one in front of it would come up.

    Posted by Donna Amerson on Sep 6th 2012

  • 5
    Product arrived in only TWO DAYS with standard shipping in excellent condition!!! VERY HAPPY with prompt delivery and product! Hope it works!

    Posted by Robyn Burns on Jun 13th 2012

  • 5
    Easy to install

    Posted by Joe barile on May 28th 2012

  • 5
    So easy to install

    Posted by scott thomas on May 27th 2012

  • 5
    Loved Gutter Brush. Hard to find items were fast and a good company to order from.

    Posted by Adele Cooper on Mar 3rd 2012