GutterStuff 5" Gutter Guard 32' Pack

GutterStuff 5" Gutter Guard 32' Pack

GutterStuff 5" Gutter Guard 32' Pack 2

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Product Features

  • Keeps small and large debris out of your gutters!
  • Easy to install
  • Has a UV stabilizer to protect it from the sun
  • Germicide protection to prevent the growth of moss
  • Product's design prevents the breeding of mosquitoes
  • GutterStuff (regular) is warranted for 5 years
  • 8 - 5" x 4' pieces = 32 linear feet
  • For use with all 5" casement style gutters (measures 5" deep and 3.5" tall)

GutterStuff is one of the most cost-efficient, easy-to-install systems on the market today to keep your gutters from clogging. It's design fits snugly into your gutters to prevent small and large debris from collecting.  Additionally, its snug design prevents mosquitoes from breeding in your gutters.  Unlike the cheap knock offs, GutterStuff will not sag, bend, or loose support in any way.

Case pack includes 8 - 5" x 4' pieces for a total of 32 running feet of product. 

NOTE: GutterStuff is available in 4" - 8" casement styles, half round, and a variety of fascia foam molds. To ensure you are purchasing the correct size product see our "What size GutterStuff product do I need?" Q&A section below.

What makes GutterStuff better than other foam based products?

GutterStuff is constructed to not bend, deteriorate, or loose its shape in any way.  Features a germicide to prevent mold growth and a UV stabilizer to prevent deterioration of the product.  Regular GutterStuff features an additional top coating to provide extra strength to the product and a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

What size GutterStuff do I need?

Measure your gutters depth from front to back and the height of the gutter from top to bottom.  This listing is for 5" GutterStuff, which fits 5" casement style gutters (measures 5" across the top and 3.5" deep).  For different size product, or for a different grade of GutterStuff, please see our full line of GutterStuff product.

Do you offer special quotes?

Yes, for large or specific quantities please give us a call toll-free at (877) 750-0971 and we would be happy to put together a special case pack for your needs!

  • When installing, GutterStuff fits so snugly that the pieces can get slightly squished.  To make sure you get each 4' piece to cover 4' each, pull on each piece after installing it to extend the product to its full length.
  • If your gutters have a brace that sits lower in your gutter, don't try to squeeze GutterStuff underneath the brace.  Instead, cut a t-shaped grove in the GutterStuff piece and slide the product over top of the brace support
  • GutterStuff comes in various styles and grades.  Please see our description for proper sizing and the differences in grades of product.  If you have further questions, just give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.

Below we touch base on some of the frequently asked questions regarding GutterStuff.

What maintenance is required for my GutterStuff?

GutterStuff will require maintenance from time to time and depending on the severity of the tree cover over your gutters, you may need more or less maintenance.  Some of the things you can do to maintain your gutter system may include blowing off the debris that does not move away as normal winds blow off your gutters or spraying the debris off the filter using a water hose and spray nozzle. 

We have seen cases where the foam filter has become matted with debris over time.  There are reasons why this happens and usually it is because the GutterStuff product has been subjected to an enormously large volume of debris.  Some gutters are protected from the wind, which isn't surprising when you have a large tree covering the gutter it is hard for the wind to get to the gutter.   In the case, where this happens, you will find there is a higher level of maintenance required.  Blowing off with a descent leaf blower or spraying off the gutters with a water hose and spray nozzle is an excellent method of cleaning your GutterStuff®foam gutter filter. Sometimes you don't need much attention at all.  In the worst cases you may find yourself removing it and shaking it out to give it a fresh start again.

With a little maintenance, your foam gutter filter will continue to perform for you year after year.  It is both effective and affordable and easy to install.

What happens when my gutter freeze?

Gutters will freeze for one of two reasons.  First of all, if water is not able to flow to the downspout because the gutter is full of leaves and debris, it will freeze and build up as a block of ice in the gutter.  Secondly, if there is heat loss in the house through the ceiling and the heat is warming the bottom of the roof deck, the snow on the roof will melt during the day and become ice in the gutter during the night time hours.  As this process continues over several days and nights you will end up with a frozen block of ice in the gutter, and many times this ice will continue onto the roof above the gutter and work its way under the shingles and find a way to come into your home.  If you see water coming into your home from your ice dam it will be because it has come in where the nails used to hold the shingles in place are located.

In the first case mentioned above, GutterStuff may help the water to flow to the downspouts by keeping your gutters clean.  In the second case where there will be a buildup of ice due to heat loss heating up the roof deck and melting the ice, GutterStuff will become part of the frozen block of ice.  When the temperatures warm up the water surrounding the foam filter will quickly melt. The GutterStuff will be fine and continue to perform as it did prior to the winter season.  It will stay in place year after year.

Your question about debris being inside the GutterStuff and becoming frozen is a good question.  There is a certain amount of water that can be retained by any sediment that collects in the filter.  We have not had any complaints of the foam filter becoming too heavy for the gutter so I would like to say we are pleased with our results in cold weather applications.  It is true that we have sold several million feet of product in cold weather Northerly climates and have not had one complaint of this nature.  I do believe this says a lot about the compatibility of GutterStuff in cold weather climates.


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MaryLee Lamb
August 23, 2012
I generally don't review but the service from this company was so exemplary that I felt called upon to write.

Advantages: I found what I wanted on line, ordered and within one or two days I had my merchandise

Disadvantages: None
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October 1, 2011
a good product easy to install works great. I had install this product on the rear side of my home a couple of years ago and have now installed the rest, best gutter gard I have found. hard to find had best price and delivered qickly.
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