GutterStuff 6" Half Round Gutter Guard 4' Length

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GutterStuff 6" Half Round Gutter Guard 4' Length
  • Keeps small and large debris out of your gutters!
  • Easy to install
  • Has a UV stabilizer to protect it from the sun
  • Germicide protection to prevent the growth of moss
  • Product's design prevents the breeding of mosquitoes
  • GutterStuff (regular) is warranted for 5 years
  • 6" x 4' piece of GutterStuff
  • For use with 6" half round style gutters (product measures 6" wide x 1.5" deep)

GutterStuff is one of the most cost-efficient, easy-to-install systems on the market today to keep your gutters from clogging. It's design fits snugly into your gutters to prevent small and large debris from collecting.  Additionally, its snug design prevents mosquitoes from breeding in your gutters.  Unlike the cheap knock offs, GutterStuff will not sag, bend, or loose support in any way.

NOTE: GutterStuff is available in 4" - 8" casement styles, half round, and a variety of fascia foam molds. To ensure you are purchasing the correct size product see our "What size GutterStuff product do I need?" Q&A section below.

Installation Notes:  With the half-round product, GutterStuff recommends caulking one side of their foam product to ensure the product doesn't push up overtime.  The recommended side to caulk is the side closer to your roof that way you can still pull up the front side of the foam if you ever need to clean out your gutter.  GutterStuff is a urethane based product, so a urethane based caulk will be necessary to adhere the foam based product to your gutter.  Place a 1/4" bead of caulking on one side of GutterStuff and insert the foam product into the gutter with the caulking to the side closer to your roof.  NOTE: caulking must be applied to a dry, clean surface.  Must have 24 hours to dry before rain.

What makes GutterStuff better than other foam based products?

GutterStuff is constructed to not bend, deteriorate, or loose its shape in any way.  Features a germicide to prevent mold growth and a UV stabilizer to prevent deterioration of the product.  Regular GutterStuff features an additional top coating to provide extra strength to the product and a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

What size GutterStuff do I need?

Measure your gutters depth from front to back and the height of the gutter from top to bottom.  This listing is for 6" Half Round GutterStuff, which fits 6" half round style gutters (product measures 6" wide x 1.5" deep).  For different size product, or for a different grade of GutterStuff, please see our full line of GutterStuff product.