E-cloth "Microfiber Dusting Cloths"


E-cloths are a revolutionary cleaning cloth that contains no chemicals, but is capable of cleaning up grease, dirt, makeup, bacteria, etc. All you need to do is spray down a little water on the surface and then wipe over with your E-cloth. E-cloth makes a variety of cloths for different applications, including: electronics, kitchens, stainless steel, window cleaning, bathroom, furniture, etc.

E-cloths are capable of cleaning without using chemicals, because of their unique Polyester and Polyamide fiber design. The fibers enable the cloth to trap moisture, dirt, grease, grim, etc between it's fibers. Traditional cotton cloths don't have the depth of these fibers, which inhibits their ability to clean the same way.

E-cloths look like a normal micro-fiber cloth, but not all micro-fiber cloths are created equal. E-cloths have many more fibers than most micro-fiber cloths. Each fiber on an E-cloth is approximately 1/100th the width of a human hair! This enables them to clean better than traditional micro-fiber cloths.

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