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We stock a variety of ironing boards, replacement covers, drying racks, clotheslines, and laundry bins to help make the task of "doing the laundry" easier!  Our most popular brand name is Brabantia.  We stock their full line of ironing boards, which make made from top quality materials in Latvia and imported to the US.  These are the most sturdy and stable boards that we have ever sold and they are backed with a 10-year guarantee.  You will also find some untraditional sizes, including some wider 18" boards!

If you are looking for replacement ironing board covers, we carry ironing board covers from Brabantia, Ritz, and some other companies.  We pride ourselves on having a cover for most any ironing board from the small tabletop units to the oversized free-standing units.  

Our selection of drying accessories include umbrella dryers, folding drying racks and retractable clotheslines.  Many of these products can be used indoors or out.  If you like to use clothesline, drying racks and professional ironing board covers to meet all of our customers needs. Our selection of retractable clotheslines include products that can be used indoors or outdoors. If your preference is clothesline, we stock a durable, weather resistant clothesline prop.

Many of the ironing boards you find in stores today do not come with sufficient padding.  We stock several ironing board pads.  Our most popular pad is made by the Ritz company.  These pads measure 15" wide and fit most any American ironing board.  They are also sold with Ritz ironing board covers that are available in 100% cotton, silicone coated, or even teflon coated.

When your done with your dirty laundry, don't forget to consider one of our Brabantia laundry bins.  These bins offer an eye-catching solution for hiding your laundry in the bathroom or basement.

We hope our selection of laundry care products can fill all the voids that traditional retail outlets lack in.  If there is something special that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to call us!

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