St. Gabriel Organics - Milky Spore

St. Gabriel Organics - Milky Spore

Milky Spore is 100% natural and proven effective at killing and preventing grub damage to lawns and garden areas.  Grubs are very damaging to lawns when they are found in numbers.  So much so, that one infestation during the fall months can kills an entire healthy lawn.  Grubs are so damaging because they chew away at the grass roots beneath the soil surface where they can not seen unless if the grass is rolled back for inspection.

If you notice rapid brown spotting during the fall months, you may have grubs.  The best way to confirm is to roll back your turf around the edges of those brown spots and if you notice the characteristic white grubs all plump and happy under there, you know that they are the cause!  Often times, you will notice crows or racoons digging in the yard for the grubs and that is another sign that you have grubs beneath the soil.

There are many different types of beetles that lay grubs that are damaging to our lawns.  However, the most common of these white grubs are the ones from the Japanese Beetle (reddish-brown glossy beetles that fly around during the summer).  The Japanese Beetle larvae are the ones that are effectively controlled by the Milky Spore!

The concept with Milky Spore is to apply it before you have grub damage.  With the spread-able granules, you must apply 6 times over two years (spring, summer, and fall).  With the powder, effective control can be achieved after just one application.  After the applications have been made, you can expect guaranteed results at killing and preventing Japanese Beetle grubs for 10 years!  No more worrying about whether or nor grubs will damage your lawn this year, apply Milky Spore during the spring and start getting results right away!

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