Light Keeper Pro Light Tester

Light Keeper Pro Light Tester

  • Fix lights with the squeeze of a trigger!
  • The ultimate light tester
  • Batteries included
  • Multiple uses

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The Light Keeper Pro is the ultimate light tester for your holiday decorations.  It has the ability to fix the most common cause of light set failure, internal bulb failure, by simply plugging the light set into the tester and clicking 6-7 times. This internal bulb failure is a result of the shunt failing to energize as the filament burns out. 

The Light Keeper Pro also has a currency tester at the top to determine whether there is a break in the circuit.  By using this audible voltage tester, you will be able to pinpoint a problem bulb.  This test is perfect for finding bulbs that have a broken wire or a twisted socket which are preventing a good contact.  These are very common problems, that the LightKeeper Pro makes much quicker and simply to discover.

There is also an individual bulb and fuse tester.  The bulb tester is great for making sure that a certain bulb is truly burnt out before replacing.  By removing the bulb and inserting it in the bulb tester, it will light if it is good!  The fuse tester lets you know if the fuse is either good or bad.  If it is still functioning properly, the red indicator light at the top will illuminate.

Here is a summary of the Light Keeper Pro's features:  Quick Fix Trigger, Audio Voltage Detector, Bulb & Fuse Tester, Light Set Socket Connector, AC Plug Connector, Bulb Puller, LED Headlight, Storage Organizer in Handle For Extra Bulbs, Batteries Included

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