Milky Spore Powder - 10 oz

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Milky Spore Powder - 10 oz
  • All natural and effective way of eliminating grubs
  • Safe for beneficial insects, small animals, pets and humans
  • Targets harmful grubs in your soil
  • 1 applications last for 10 years!
  • 10 oz box treats 2,500 sq feet.
Safe, effective grub control that is guaranteed to last 10 years (may last longer).  Milky Spore's active ingredient, Bacillus popilliae, naturally eats the grub from the inside out.  Kills the grub stage of the Japanese Beattle.  Does not harm beneficial insects.  Not harmful to man, animals, or the environment. Safe to use around waterways.
How Does Milky Spore Work?
Milky Spore is a natural bacteria that will lay dormant in your lawn until grubs appear.  When the grubs begin feeding they will ingest the bacteria, which will multiply inside the grub eventually killing the grub.  The grub will then decay releasing exponentially more spores into your soil.
Kills: Japanese Beetle Grubs
Coverage: 2,500 sq. ft.
Where To Use: Lawns, Flower beds, ground covers, vegetable gardens, and around trees & shrubs
When To Use: Apply in the Spring or early Summer for same year protection.  The spores take a while to multiply, so in order for them to provide protection in the fall when grubs are actively feeding on your lawn, a Spring or early Summer application is necessary.
Directions for Application:
  • Apply any time the ground is not frozen.
  • Apply one teaspoon every 4' in a checkerboard pattern.  For easy application use Milky Spore's applicator tube.
  • Milky Spore must be watered into the soil before mowing.  Ideally, Milky Spore should be watered into the soil within 24-hours of application
Active Ingredient: Spores of Bacillus popilliae 0.02%