Mushers Secret

Mushers Secret Paw Wax

Mushers Secret is a 100% all natural, organic paw wax that protect your dogs paws.  Winter and summer time can bring some extreme weather conditions that can be very painful for your dog.  Mushers Secret helps protect against snow, ice, salt, hot pavement, wounds to the paws, sand, etc.  Mushers Secret will not hurt your dog if he/she ingests it, but it does have mild laxative qualities to it.

The most common use of Mushers Secret is to protect your dog's paws from salt and snow and ice clumps.  Salt is the worst.  When you take your dog for a walk your dog is bound to walk through a lot of salt (sodium chloride).  Inevitably, some of the salt crystals will work their way up into your dogs paws and up between their paws and nails leading to dermatilis inflammation (inflammation and irritation of the paws).  This can become very painful for your dog. 

Mushers Secret also works great for horses.  One application is good for up to 40 miles of travel.  To use on horses, simply cover the bottom of the hoof and up and around the rim of their shoes and the frog.  Mushers Secret works to protect your horse from many of the same problems dogs face including snowballing under the hooves, salt burns, plus it protects against thrush fungus in meadows and stables.

Mushers Secret has been recommended by Martha Stewart, Warren Eckstein (Pet and animal editor), NBC Today and many more.  Your dog or horse will be forever thankful once your start using Mushers Secret.  Available in 60g trial size, 200g jar and a 1lb canister.

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