Padco Paint Pads & Applicators

Padco Paint Pads & Applicators

Padco has been providing quality, USA manufactured products for over 50 years!  They are best known for their Padco Paint Pads that can make almost any type of paint application simple, easy and clean!  The thousands of little fibers allow the the Padco Paint Pads to absorb and spread much more paint, much quicker than a brush.

Padco Paint Pads work great for interior and exterior surfaces along with floors indoors or outdoors.  Just make sure to select the proper pad for the surface you applying to.  There are different pads for interior applications as apposed to exterior applications.

Another advantage of using Padco Paint Pads is their adjustable trim guides that are located on the Padco Paint Applicators.  This enables the user to apply precise, accurate paint applications right up against the edge of trim.

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