Peacock Scalloped 1/2 Ring 21"

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Peacock Scalloped 1/2 Ring 21"

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  • Half moon scalloped plant support
  • measures 21" or 54cm in diameter
  • Connects to standard Peacock Garden Plant Stakes with adjustable couplers
  • Manufactured out of galvanized steel
  • Soft green vinyl coating

Peacock Garden Plant Supports are a complete line of adjustable and interchangeable garden plant supports. This enables you to customize your plant supports to your liking. First select an appropriate plant stake height and then select a support ring or grow through grid that works for your specific needs!

This scalloped 1/2 ring keeps flowers from bunching together to create a more decorative edge.  Currently, we are stocking 3 scalloped products (this product, as well as the 13" scalloped circle, and the 40" scalloped border support)

21" Peacock scalloped 1/2 ring garden plant support is manufactured out of galvanized steel and coated with a dark green color to blend in with your plants.