ph Soil Test Kit

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ph Soil Test Kit
  • Test the pH levels of your soil before you plant to ensure the best conditions
  • Contains 10 measurements
  • Instructions for easy use below in the Detailed Description section
All plants have a pH preference, so it is important to know the pH level of your soil.  It is recommended to take these measurements before planting, to assure that your soil conditions are desirable for the new landscaping.  Tests can also be performed periodically to assure that soil acidity is being maintained at desirable levels.  Package includes tablets to make 10 measurements. 
Be sure to test different areas that are in question, because soil acidity can vary largely throughout one's yard and garden. Plants need the correct pH to control how well plants utilize the nutrients that are available for them. This soil test kit makes testing your soil simple, quick, and easy.
A reference sheet is included that provides complete instruction for adjusting soil conditions to desirable levels based on your specific plants.
Tests are performed in just 3 easy steps:
1) mix soil with water, pour off liquid after soil settles into the chamber
2) dissolve tablet
3) compare the color from the test with the reference chart that is included