Pointing & Grouting Gun

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Pointing & Grouting Gun
  • Heavy duty applicator designed for mortar and tile applications.
  • Easily dispense your mortar by using this refillable grouting gun
  • Comes with standard nozzle, grout nozzle, tube, turbine mixer
  • 1 Quart capacity
Cox Applicators model 41006 is designed for mortar and tile applications.  Scoop or pour material into tube for dispensing.  Package includes standard nozzle, grout nozzle, tube, and turbine mixer (for mixing anything from paint to concrete).

1 quart capacity tube. The mechanical advantage 12:1 so it will save your arms.   Body made from die cast zinc alloy.  Thumb actuated instant pressure release to easily and quikcly stop the flow of material out of the nozzle.   T-rod for easy loading
TIP: To prevent your mortar mixture from sticking to the inside of the caulking gun, pre-lubricate the inside of the tube and grout nozzle with WD-40.
For more information on recommended mix, application directions, and product features click on the detailed product image.  Then click on the white page markers 2 and 3, both of these images provide specific product details.