Scott's EZ Seed 10lb Turf Builder

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Scott's EZ Seed 10lb Turf Builder
Revolutionary seed mixture grows anywhere! 10lb Bag. Covers 210 sq ft.  Also available in a 3.75lb shaker jug.
Scotts EZ Seed contains seed, starter fertilizer and a growing medium, taking all the hassle out of growing grass! With this all-in-one mixture all you have to do is rake up any dead grass. Then rough up your soil. If the soil doesn't look good, you may need to add a little topsoil. Then simply sprinkle down Scott's EZ Seed and keep watered. When Scott's mulch medium starts to turn light brown, just add more water! NOTE: for seed to grow it must still get at least 4 hours of indirect/direct sunlight. If this area is around evergreens, you will need to lime the soil to bring it's PH level back to neutral.

Three Step Process
1.) Prep to remove dead grass and loosen hard soil
2.) Apply a 1/8" layer to bare spots (1/16" to thin areas)
3.) Water until dark brown

Product Details
- Includes mulch, seed and fertilizer
- covers up to 210 sq. ft.
- 10lb bag
Seed Content
Fine fescues, perennial ryegrass, and kentucky bluegrass