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Stink Bug Traps & Lights

Background Info

Stink bugs are native to China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  They are believed to have been introduced to the United States via packing crates sometime in the late 1990s.  The first official documentation of a stink bug was on September 1998 in Allentown, PA.

It took a number of years for the stink bug to populate to heavy infestation levels.  However, now that there have been reports of stink bugs in 33 of the 50 states, and the fact that they have grown to an extreme nuisance level in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware, specialized treatment products are being developed to control stink bugs.  Available products include stink bug traps for indoor and outdoor use, specialized sprays and repellents.

Why do I primarily only see stink bugs in the winter?

Stink bugs primarily feed on fruit and vegetable crops during the summer months.  Therefore, the common household owner will not see many stink bugs during the summer.  However, as the temperature starts to drop in the fall, stink bugs will naturally try to find a warm place to extend their life.  Your home is the ideal safe haven.  Common entry points to your home include....

  • The eaves of your attic
  • Windows and doors that are left open or are not sealed tightly
  • Furnace exhaust opening
  • Any other crack or opening to your home

What would you recommend to prevent stink bugs from entering my home?

The most popular prevention option on the market is Rescue's Stink Bug Trap.  The trap is designed to be placed deep into your yard foliage, which is where the stink bugs will be feasting on your plants.  The trap utilizes a pheromone to lure the stink bugs into the trap where they can't get out.  They eventually die inside the trap from dehydration.

Other popular prevention treatments include...

  • PredaSCENT Natural Insect Repelling Agent: place on pouch on each windowsill and any other potential entry point to prevent stink bugs from entering.  For attics a large bulk pouch of PredaSCENT Natural Insect Repelling Agent is recommended.
  • Harris Stink Bug Spray: spray along the inside and outside of door frames and windowsills and any other plausible entry point for stink bugs.  Once spray has dried, the spray's residual will kill stink bugs that crawl over the sprayed areas.

What are the best methods to eliminate stink bugs once they have entered the home?

The number one indoor method for eradication of stink bugs once they enter you residence is Rescue's Stink Bug Trap with Stink Bug Light.  Rescue's Stink Bug Trap for outdoor use can be augmented to be used indoors with Rescue's Stink Bug Light.  The light simply attaches to the top of the trap and you are ready to go!

Many individuals will spray in addition to using a stink bug trap with light.  Spraying your windowsills or wherever else you are noticing stink bugs inside your home with Harris Stink Bug spray can effectively kill stink bugs that walk over top of the areas where the spray has been applied.

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