Strapping, Grommet Clips, Trash Bag Clips, etc.

  • Byers' Super Snaps
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Strapping, Grommet Clips, Trash Bag Clips, etc.

We stock a variety of simple, easy to use products that solve common problems.  Almost everyone has problems with trash bags falling down inside their trash cans.  We have the answer.  Trash bag clips and trash bag bands solve this problem for a very limited cost! 

Byers' most popular product is their Super Snaps.  These are removable grommet clips that snap on to traps to allow users to hold down or cover a variety of products.  What makes super snaps better than traditional manufactured grommets in tarps is they can attach anywhere along the edge to any tarp, plus they have a higher burst rate.   If the Super Snap variety is not strong enough for you, Byers' has developed the heavy duty hurricane snap that is great for farmers, boaters and construction tasks.

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