Utility Coco Tuff Mat - Assorted Sizes

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Utility Coco Tuff Mat - Assorted Sizes

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  • Utility coco tuff mats made from Coconut fiber
  • 5/8" think fibers are bonded to a vinyl backing
  • Absorbs water and brushes dirt off of shoes
  • Household or commercial use
  • Corners are square

Utility coco tuff mats are made from super dense coco-fiber. The 5/8" fibers are permanently bonded to a solid vinyl backing. This backing protects your floors and prevents the fibers from shedding. Available in a variety of sizes. Natural coco fiber mat bonded to a vinyl backing.  Fibers absorb water and brush dirt off shoes. Household or commercial use.

Please Note: The dimensions on this item are an approximate size.  Actual doormat may measure up to 1" less in both directions.

Thickness: 5/8"
Available sizes include:
15" x 24" (square corners)
18" x 30" (square corners)
20" x 33" (square corners)