Wet and Forget Gallon Concentrate

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Wet and Forget Gallon Concentrate
  • Simply spray and walk away!
  • No scrubbing, rinsing, or pressure washing
  • Breaks down organic matter
  • Safe on almost any outdoor surface
  • Non-caustic, non-acidic, no bleach
  • Prevents new growth for up to 1 year
  • 1 Gallon make 6 gallons of ready to use product (6 gallons of ready to use product is 750-1250 sq. ft. depending on the porosity of the surface.)
To apply Wet and Forget, first dilute with water in a tank sprayer and then apply to surface. Wet & Forget starts working immediately to eliminate moss, mold and mildew stains. In addition, each time it rains, Wet & Forget reactivates to help flush stains away without damaging the surface it has been applied to.
NOTE:  It takes 1 to 2 weeks after application for results to become visible. Wet & Forget continues to work for up to one year after application.
-Dilute Wet & Forget 1 part to 5 parts water.  Every one gallon pack will yield 6 gallons of ready to use product.  Coverage ranges from 750-2250 square feet depending on the porosity of the surface and how heavily it is stained.
 Wet & Forget is safe to apply to any outdoor surface.
-  Concrete & Pavement (driveways, patios, retaining walls, sidewalks)
-  Decks (Composite, natural wood, painted wood, stained wood, and pressure treated lumber)
-  Marinas (canvas, fiberglass, inflatable dinghies, marinas, sails, teak decks)
-  Roofs (asphalt & fiberglass shingles, clay & concrete tile, slate, steel)
-  Siding (aluminum, brick, stucco, vinyl, wood
-  Also works on..... Astroturf, awnings, brick pavers, fiberglass boats, fiberglass shingles, fiberglass hulls/topsides, fibrolite cladding, flexipave, greenhouses, gutters, limestone, marble, natural stone, outdoor furniture, outdoor planters, painted surfaces, patios, patio furniture, plastic houses, recreational vehicles, retaining walls, sails, sandstone, shade sails, sidewalks, stucco, tennis courts, teak decks, textured finishes, tiles, tombstones, outdoor umbrellas, vinyl siding and wood.
SAFETY:  Once spray has dried it is safe for pets and kids to reenter the area.
Application Instructions
-  Apply the mixed solution (as per the instructions) with a garden sprayer.
-  Total saturation of the surface with this product is essential in order to obtain good results for the removal of moss, mold & mildew stains on all exterior surfaces.
-  Make sure the surface is dry in order to get the best penetration of the surface with the least amount of evaporation.
-  Apply on a cool dry day with no rain for 4-5 hours afterwards.  Often the evening or early morning is best.  This will ensure that the surface to be treated stays wet with Wet and Forget for an extended period.
-  If the surface is particularly bad, we would suggest another application approximately one month from the first application and then allow the surface to weather naturally and nature will take its course.  As these stains break down, the wind and rain will gently remove the stains from the surface.
-  After the first application, use Wet & Forget as a maintenance tool. Only re-apply at the first sign of re-growth.
-  Vertical Surfaces - Protected areas on vertical surfaces where there is not have good exposure to the elements,  may require some assistance using either a hose or a light brush.