3.5V Mini Replacement Bulbs

3.5V Mini Replacement Bulbs

3.5V Mini Replacement Bulbs 29

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Product Features

  • 3.5 volt super bright mini replacements
  • Typically for strings of 35 or 70 lights
  • Pack of 5 bulbs
  • Available in clear or multi
3.5 volt super bright mini replacement bulbs.  Typically for strings of 35 or 70 lights.  Each package includes 5 replacement bulbs.  Available in clear or multi (blue, red, green, yellow, pink).  If you are looking for solid colors of blue, red, green, or purple lights, you might want to consider using the bulbs from a 35 light set instead of the multi replacement packs.
Bulb Specifications:
3.5 volt, 125 mA, 0.43 watt
Bulb Dimensions
Length of glass - 15/16"
Length of wires - 3/8"
Diameter of glass - 5 mm
How do I make sure these are the right bulbs for my light set?
Most light sets have a white tag near the male plug of the light set.  On this tag, there should be a notation something along the lines of "replace only with 3.5 volt bulbs".  After the voltage is determined, you then need to check the be sure that the amperes (mA or A) are correct.  Sometimes this will be written just after the voltage, and sometimes it is only mentioned at the bottom of the tag.  Please give us a call if you have any questions: 877-750-0971!
Please note: Because of the many varieties of bases/sockets on mini lights, these bulbs don't not come with bases. It is important to hold on to your old bases, so that these new bulbs can be assured a good fit. In order to replace bulb, bend wires straight, pull bulb out from base, and then slip the new bulb in place.
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Christine Savage
February 3, 2012
For some unknown reason, frame light decorations need 3.5 volt bulbs. These are NOT generally available at local retail stores. They usually only carry 2.5 volt bulbs which are barely lit if used with the 3.5 volt bulbs

Advantages: Frame holiday decorations can be restored to all their glory.

Disadvantages: None
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Emily Urbina
January 20, 2015
Great service, very helpful and knowledgable staff! I was looking for 3.5v replacement bulbs for our Stay-Lit Sylvania pre-lit Christmas tree. These replacement bulbs aren't as bright as the original bulbs that came with the tree, but are a good substitute.
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Jay Binns
January 18, 2015
Perfect. Hard to find product, but just exactly what I needed.
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Peter Kormondy
January 10, 2014
It was was a good price and just what I needed.

Disadvantages: 2@
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Jesse Underwood
December 27, 2013
Bulbs were right size, but blew as soon as installed. Were right voltage, but just did not work.
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