Deer Ban

Deer Ban - Deer Repellent Capsules (Formerly PredaSCENT)

Deer Ban is the new and improved formula of an old customer favorite, PredaSCENT.  Summit Deer Ban is a deer repellent in the form of an easy-to-use, pre-measured capsule.  The capsules are water-activated, so unlike typical repellents that diminish with rainfall, Deer Ban's performance and scent is actually improved with water!  Because the capsule is placed on the soil surface, Deer Ban provided effective, year-round protection to your plants and garden beds.
Deer Ban triggers the natural flight response in deer!  Deer smell the capsule and its active ingredient (coyote urine) and they begin to fear that a predator is in the area.  Deer may come close to your garden, but their natural instincts kick in and they will flea from the area in fear for their life.  The active ingredient has been increased to 5% in the new Deer Ban formula, whereas the old PredaSCENT formula was only 1.5% coyote urine.  As a result, Deer Ban can be placed up to 20 feet apart and still be effective in warding off deer from your garden!  Replace capsules every 90 days or as needed. 
The pre-measured capsules are easy-to-apply and are safe to touch with your bare hands.  Once activated by water, the capsule breaks down and the active ingredient swells and begins to emit its odor.  This odor is very apparent for deer, but it is completely odorless to humans.

Hungry deer can devastate flowers, vegetable gardens, shrubs and other landscape plants.  Protect them this year with Summit® Deer BanTMrepellent capsules!  Available in several different packages.

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