3.5 Volt Mini Replacement Bulbs with Pinched Base, 140 mA, Fits GKI Bethlehem Light Sets

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3.5 Volt Mini Replacement Bulbs with Pinched Base, 140 mA, Fits GKI Bethlehem Light Sets
  • 3.5 Volt mini replacement bulbs
  • Pinched base ensures a perfect fit in any light set
  • Comes in a green husk with stay-put clip (simply remove if not needed)
  • Exact replacements for GKI Bethlehem light sets with 35 or 70 lights
  • 20 bulbs per package
  • Available in clear and multi packs

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3.5 volt mini replacement bulbs with a pinched base.  These pinched base bulbs are essential for certain light sets and pre-lit decorations, so we are excited to be able to offer them to you in these replacement value packages.  Each pack has 20 bulbs.  Available in clear or multi (4 each of red, green, blue, yellow, and pink).
These replacement bulbs with clips on the bases are designed to fit GKI Bethlehem brand light sets made over the years.  They will fit other brands as well; simply remove the glass portion from the husk and insert the bulb into your existing light set!
These 3.5 volt bulbs are off a ultra-bright wattage.  They are not as typical as other wattages are for 3.5 volt bulbs, so please be sure to check the specifications on your light set to be sure that these match in every way.  If you put these bulbs in a light set that requires 0.42 watt bulbs, these will glow really dim and will not look great.  If you are unsure of what you need, you will want to reference the little white tag near the plug to your light set.  This should have information about the ideal wattage and amperes for your light set.
Bulb Specifications
3.5 volt, 140 mA, 0.50 watt
Bulb Dimensions
Length of glass - 15/16"
Length of wires - 3/8"
Diameter of glass - 5 mm
Please note: Because of the many varieties of bases/sockets on mini lights, you may need to remove these bulbs from their bases so that you can reuse the base/husk from your burnt out bulbs.  It is important to hold on to your old bases, so that these new bulbs can be assured a good fit. In order to replace bulb, bend wires straight, pull bulb out from base, and then slip the new bulb in place.