Sioux Chief

Black Plastic Floor Drain Cover - 6-1/8" with Tabs

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Black Plastic Floor Drain Cover - 6-1/8" with Tabs
  • 6-1/8" plastic replacement strainer
  • New pattern polypro strainer for Weld One and Quad Drain
  • Durable and tough, 7/16" thick
  • Black polypropylene
  • One pre-drilled hole to secure to floor

This thick polypropylene replacement strainer is the exact replacement for Sioux Chief weld one and quad drains requiring a 6-1/8" cover.  Made from black polypropylene; this strainer is lightweight and easy-to-ease.  The polypropylene material will not rust and works great both indoors and out.  Great for replacing cracked, damaged, or corroded drain strainers.

Drain cover measures 6-1/8" in diameter, however there are two thin tabs on the sides that force the strainer to measure 6-3/8" when being included (these tabs can be easily sanded or filed down to be removed if you are using this strainer in a general purpose drain).  Strainer measures 7/16" in thickness. Includes one stainless steel screw for the 1 screw hole.