A good doormat can sometimes be hard to find.  That's where we can come to the rescue.  Too often stores carry the same cheap doormats that you see in every other store.  We are all about offering attractive yet functional doormats for your home.  We have woven polypropylene doormats from Cape Cod Doormats that offer the best in longevity.  Most of our customers say that they last 10+ years before they need to replace.  We also offer top quality natural coco doormats, in plain natural fiber, as well as some classic designs.  We have a big selection in natural coco fiber doormats, including thinner than usual ones that help to squeeze under low doors.  We have more recently added full rubber doormats as well as hybrid rubber/coco fiber doormats that offer the best of two worlds. 

If you are more interested in an indoor option, you might want to consider our natural jute fiber Tahiti mats.  They are a woven mat that offers a classic, textured look in a variety of colors to match your interior.  These are a customer favorite and most customers that get started on these, end up coming back for more years later.  Browse our full category of doormats and please give us a call if you have any questions!