10-1/8" Sewer Strainer with Feet

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10-1/8" Sewer Strainer with Feet

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  • Measures 10-1/8" in diameter across the top
  • 4 feet around the edge are tapered slightly
  • Designed to fit inside the hub end of 8" cast iron pipe
  • Painted black to prevent corrosion
Cast iron sewer strainer with 4 feet.  Measures 10-1/8" in diameter.  Designed to fit on top of 8" pipe.  The feet are tapered from 9" at the top to 8-1/8" (just below the strainer top).  Suitable for walking traffic.  Painted black.  Holes average 1/2" is size.
Product Specifications:
Diameter - 10-1/8" across the top
Height (including legs) - 1-3/4"
Diameter of strainer holes - 1/2"