Size C 49" x 18" Replacement Covers

Brabantia Ironing Board Covers - Size C 49" x 18"

We have a huge selection of ironing board covers sized to fit Brabantia's "C" boards.  These boards have an ironing surface up to 49" x 18".  If you have a different brand of ironing board, these covers will probably work for you provided the ironing surface is close in size.  Each cover comes with everything you need to replace your old cover.  The cover comes with either a 2 mm or 4 mm foam backing and Brabantia's unique cord-and-stretch system that ensures your cover will remain taut when ironing.  If you prefer a more padded ironing surface, then you may want to consider the 4 mm foam backed covers available in the "C" size and/or Brabantia's felt underlay pad.
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