Rack Sack Bags - Kitchen Refill 100 Count

Rack Sack Bags - Kitchen Refill 100 Count

Rack Sack Bags - Kitchen Refill 100 Count 85

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Product Features

  • Pack of 100 Rack Sack 5 gal. Bags for use with the Rack Sack Kitchen frame
  • For use with Rack Sacks from 2006 to present (still works with older models)
  • Fits 3 or 5 gallon frames
Rack Sack Bags are versatile, leak-resistant, scented bags with handle ties to fit securely to the Rack Sack Frames.  Bags are treated with Odor Guard Protection to prevent unwanted odors from stinking up your room.
The refill Kitchen Rack Sack Bags are designed to fit the 3 or 5 gallon Kitchen Rack Sack frame (new frame design after 2006).  These bags will still work in older (prior to 2006) frames, however they come in a package not a roll. 100 bag count includes four 25 count refill packs that will fit inside the dispenser lid for easy access.  Thickness is 0.7 mil.
Size of bags:
18.25" x 25"
5 Gallon
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Coreen Larson
September 1, 2011
I am thankful that I can still get the Rack Sack bags and they work great.
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Deborah Nyman
February 12, 2015
Oh happy day! The ranch sack system came with the house I bought. I liked that it was under the sink but didn't take up a lot of space so tried using various kinds of garbage bags purchased in the grocery stores. They worked but not well and we're kind of a pain to keep attached. After 4 years I decided to try Googling bags to fit the system because I couldn't find them in any stores. I found them here and hesitated to buy them because they cost more. I'm so glad I ordered them! They fit perfectly, hold much more garbage so I use fewer bags, stay in place and are easy to put on and take off. Even my husband, who notices very little in the house, commented on how much better the garbage system worked with these bags. I will order more when this order is gone.

Advantages: Designed to fit the Rack Sack system.
Easy to put on and take off.
Holds more garbage than a bag not designed for the system so use less bags.
Bags fold and store in top area of lid - very convenient!

Disadvantages: More expensive. (But worth it!)
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January 29, 2015
This is the best place to go to find things you cant get no more. I found the sack rack bags an im so thankful. Now if i can find the little bags for the countertop rack sacks. Its a little white rack that holds scraps. I think its called scrap rack bags. If you know where i can get them please let me know.
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Judith Dworken
January 4, 2015
Love the rack sack bags and have been buying them from Hard to Find for years. Delivery is fast and price is good.
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Paula J Conway
November 20, 2014
I have been using Rack Sacks for 30 years and couldn't imagine being without them!
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Rack Sack Bags - Kitchen Refill 100 Count

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