Rack Sack Bags - Kitchen Refill 25 Count

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Rack Sack Bags - Kitchen Refill 25 Count
  • Pack of 25 Rack Sack Bags for use with the Rack Sack Kitchen frame.
  • For use with Rack Sacks from 2006 to present (still works with older models)
  • Lightly scented bags with handles
  • Fits 3 or 5 gallon frames.
Rack Sack Bags are versatile, leak-resistant, scented bags with handle ties to fit securely to the Rack Sack Frames.  Bags are treated with Odor Guard Protection to prevent unwanted odors from stinking up your room.  The 25 count Kitchen Rack Sack Bag pack is designed to fit inside the built in storage compartment in the lid of the Kitchen Rack Sack Frame (new frame design after 2006).  These bags will still work in older (prior to 2006) frames, however they come in a package not a roll. 
The refill Kitchen Rack Sack Bags are designed to fit the 3 or 5 gallon Kitchen Rack Sack frame.  Thickness is 0.7 mil.
Size of Bags:
18.25" x 25"