Ritz Ironing Board Pad

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Ritz Ironing Board Pad
  • 1/4" thick Ironing Board Pad.
  • Both measure: 54" x 15"
  • Naturally distributes heat and steam evenly
  • Nose and corner pockets hold pad securely in place

Ritz's Professional Ironing Board Pad measures 1/4" thick to give you professional quality results when you iron. Made of a heavy-duty 100% cotton knit construction which is the thickest pad available from Ritz. The permeable cotton helps to naturally distribute heat and steam evenly over clothing products. Contains no foam or synthetic materials. Comes equipped with nose and corner pockets to hold pad securely in place. For an ideal fit use with Ritz Ironing Boards, but it will fit most 54" x 15" boards snugly. Do not launder.