Size D 53" x 18" Replacement Covers

Brabantia Ironing Board Covers - Size D 53" x 18"

These covers are meant to fit Brabantia's "D" sized ironing boards.  They will also work on other brands that have the same shape and size.  These "D" boards do have a unique shape, since the board is sort of like a oval shape, so the sides have not straight edges.  The ironing surface of Brabantia's "D" boards measures 53" long and 18" wide.  The covers found in this category are a larger size, but the extra length and width allows you to wrap the cover around the edges and pull taut underneath the ironing surface!

Each one of these covers is made of cotton and has a 2MM foam padding adhered to the underside.  This padding provides a little extra padding to whatever type of padding or board surface you may already have under your order cover.  It is also available with a silicone (heat reflecting) coating, so that items slide more freely.  You may also want to consider the felt underlay pad that is listed in this category if you are interested in adding more padding to what you already have.  This underlay pad is made of a high-density felt that can be cut to the size of your ironing board (one size fits all).  If you have any questions on which replacement cover is right for you, please give us a call!

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